Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions FAQ


What are the different sizes?

Our MedSocks are available in size 35-40 en 41-46 (European sizes). This corresponds most of the time with female socks size (35-40) and male socks size (41-46)

Our socks are made of both soft and stretchy materials and are therefore well fitting for almost every size.


If it doesn’t fit as expected we will happily find a suitable solution!


What type of materials and fabrics are used?

Our socks are made of 75% cotton, 23% polyester and 2% elastane. This makes our socks very soft but alsof stretchy enough.

Our compression socks are made of... and have a compression of 15-20mmHg.


Are your designs unique?

Yes! All our socks are unique in colour combinations and design and only available on our website We, Daniël and Miguel, are trying our best to create the nicest medical themes for our socks, so you can show them of when working at the clinic.


When can I expect my socks to be delivered?

Most of the orders are send at the same day as you place the order. This results in a delivery time of 1-5 working days.


I haven’t received my socks yet.

If you haven’t received your order within 5 working days then there might be a chance that the delivery service has a delay. If it takes longer than expected, please send us an email then we’ll make sure to take care of it!


Do I have to be at home at the moment of delivery?

Mostly not! If the order contains less than 8 pairs of socks then they’ll fit perfectly trough the mailbox. If you have a larger order you can contact us about the track and trace code by sending us an email to


I would like to buy MedSocks as a gift, nicely wrapped in giftpaper. Is that possible?

Of course! Our socks are very nice to get yourself but maybe even better to receive as a gift! That way we share the happy medical vibes in all the hospitals. When making the purchase you can leave a specific comment or instruction for us, like a nice message for the one who will receive the socks. For example; “Amazing MedSocks for my healthcare hero!”


How should I wash and take care of my MedSocks?

Our washing instructions are described on the product label. We put a lot of effort in creating the highest possible quality for our socks but the total life span is dependent on how the socks are treated. Our MedSocks, both regular and compression socks, should be washed inside out, with similar colours at a temperature of 30°C or 86°. Please don’t treat our socks by bleaching or ironing and they should be kept out of the tumble dryer!



Would it be possible to get custom socks?

Of course! With a minimal order quantity of 100 pairs we can deliver tailor made socks designed for your company or hospital! We offer different options like compression socks, woven socks and even printed socks. When placing a large order you can design the perfect socks together with us and you’ll get several samples first to ensure you that you’ll be totally satisfied about the final version. Are you interested in creating your own socks? Please contact us for more information by sending an email to

We will gladly discuss all our possibilities!


When can I expect a discount?

When you order a large amount of socks you can get a nice discount. Please send us an email at and we’ll let you know the possibilities.


I would like a specific medical themed and colours!

Thanks for helping us with new ideas! We really appreciate new suggestions. Please let us know your ideas by sending an email to


Other questions?

Do you have another question? Please send us an email;